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NEW: Black ratches

NEW: Abrasion-resistant shackles Blackline

NEW: Clevis sling hook Black E-coating, abrasion-resistant

NEW: Roller bearing peg

Heavy-duty lashing with SAFETEX lashing chains and lashing straps

Luwithane® protective equipment

Chain slings grade 8 and grade 10

SAFETEX produces and assembles selected products in Germany

SAFETEX is the specialist for safe lifting and securing.
With its two production facilities in Stuttgart (main plant) and Erfurt (branch plant), SAFETEX guarantees top product quality.
The product range encompasses from SAFETEX lashing straps and SAFETEX hoisting belts and round slings, SAFETEX event
technology, SAFETEX hoisting gear, SAFETEX heavy cargo lashing, SAFETEX sling chains, Luwithane protective equipment,
SAFETEX ropes and accessories all the way to personal protective equipment.


NEW: BLACKLINE-Brochure 2017

Neuer Blackline-Prospekt
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