The specialist for safe lifting an securing

The specialist for safe lifting an securing

Your goods deserve to be safely hoisted, transported or lashed. SAFETEX gives you this safety.
We manufacture in Germany, specifically in Stuttgart and Erfurt. Our products are manufactured and customized by highly qualified skilled workers able to satisfy domestic market requirements. Needless to say, this quality meets all domestic and European standards as well as the toughest safety standards.

Safetex Headquarters in Stuttgart

Our Branch in Erfurt

Whether in the event sector or in retail and industry, every problem is different. The more specific the requirements are, the more customized is the solution. With its customer-oriented flexibility, SAFETEX has demonstrated its ability to tackle all special projects that demand performance, long life or a special design.

What our comprehensive standard program does not offer, we will manufacture it for you – creatively and effectively! For years, we have been observing the dynamic market development carefully anyhow so we can always offer new solutions in line with demand. We take care of your problems. That’s a promise!

If you want the No. 1 in hoisting and securing, you can trust one company: SAFETEX.