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Lashing straps

Lashing technology
Cargo Securing ­Methods
Heavy load ratchet 75 mm
Tension ratchet 50 mm
Pressure ratchet 50 mm
Inside lashing 45 mm
Two-piece lashing straps
35 + 25 mm
One-piece lashing straps with ratchet 50/45/35/25 mm
One-piece lashing straps with clamping lock
45/35/25/18 mm
Individual components 50 mm
Protective equipment
Anti-slip equipment
Tensioning elements
Connecting elements
Accessories for ­internal lashing
Lashing points
Lashing winches
Bulk stock + printing
Pre-tensioning tester
Single-use lashing-
down elements
Custom-made products

Round slings

Load chart
For round slings
Round slings SX
Premium-Round slings
SX-P + SX-2
Heavy duty Round slings
Round slings ­harnesses

Lifting straps

Load chart for lifting straps
Lifting straps 2-ply
Lifting straps 4-ply
lifting belt mats
Lifting straps
1-ply + single use
Lifting belt bracket
Lifting belt harness


Protective tubing
Fixed coating
Spray coating
Edge protectors