SAFETEX lashing technology

SAFETEX lashing technology

SAFETEX´s range of lashing straps offers tailor-made solutions for securing every cargo.
We make the lashing strap from polyester (PES) with an average extension of max.5 %.
Tensioners (SE) and connectors (VE) are coordinated with the respective lashing systems.
SAFETEX´s lashing straps are produced at both of our locations in Stuttgart and Erfurt in
Germany according to EN 12195-2.

Identification Label

Information on the label

LC =
Lashing Capacity
(permissible tension force)
Maximum force for straight-line use and for which a lashing strap has been designed for use. 

Standard Hand Force
(normal hand force)
Manual tension force of 50 daN applied on the tensioning element. 

Standard Tension Force
(normal tension force)
Remaining force after the grip of a ratchet has
been released = pre-tension force.

Fixed end (FE) and loose end (LE) as well as one-part polyester lashing straps must be identified with a blue label according to EN 12195-2.

Basics of lashing strap systems

Two-part lashing straps

A 2-part lashing strap consists of  two components: The fixed end with ratchet and connecting element (hook) and the loose end with hook as connecting element. 
Use: Strapping down and direct strapping in straight line.

One-part lashing straps

A 1-part lashing strap consists of one strap band with a ratchet as tensioning element.
Use: Bundling or strapping.

Lashing straps in tandem technique

A 1-part lashing strap with double strap position. A double pulling force is achieved with it during strapping. A lashing strap system that shows its advantages especially in heavy-duty strapping.