Car-Lashing Elongation  ≤ 4 %

according to EN 12195-2 PES

Safe vehicle transport by lashing-down all wheels. Equipment with wheel-protection belt prevents damage to the wheel carcass. Short and direct connection between vehicle and whatever is transporting it. Variable, can be used for different wheel sizes. Technical applications to meet special requirements upon request. In our own production, we process belt straps made of polyester (PES) according to VDI 2700 sheet 8.1/8.2 with an average extension of ≤ 4%.

Car-Lashing-System CL1

Lashing straps 2.5 m long, 35 mm or 50 mm wide. Pressure ratchet with integrated J-hook or car-lashing hook. Belt strap with 1 J-hook sewn in place and 1 loose J-hook, including 75 cm long wheel-protection strap.

35 mm bandwidth

50 mm bandwidth


Wheel-protection Belt

With nub structure that “grips” the wheel which fixes the protection belt in place. The lashing strap can glide through it smoothly and the wheel lashed down low. Wheel carcass is not damaged.


System CL2

Pressure ratchet with car-lashing hook and loop with integrated J-hook simple.


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